• October 16, 2019 - Visions of Darkness is no longer open to new registrations and will close on May 26, 2020. If you're a current member, you'll find details in the Site News forum.

Welcome to Visions of Darkness!

I'm your host, Nyghtfall.


Launched June 1, 2016, we are an adults-only message board where digital artists can share and discuss their work. Though we welcome conventional 2D media, our primary focus is on 3D art.

Our Terms of Service are designed to allow as much artistic freedom and flexibility as possible. However, there are some restrictions, and you should read them before you begin posting.


We offer a vibrant, forum-based community environment where mature art can be enjoyed with as few restrictions as possible and is founded on constructive interaction between all members.


Ask any artist what dark art is and you'll get a variety of answers. I define it as visual or written work through which an artist conveys his/her thought and imagination in a way that is unconventional, mysterious, fantastic, surreal, macabre, grotesque, and/or sadistic. Applying those adjectives to any selected work is an entirely subjective exercise performed by the viewer. VoD's purpose is to offer a safe, secure platform on which artists who specialize or even just dabble in dark art can share their work.


Visions of Darkness is powered by xenForo and fully hosted by Dreamhost.com. I pay $12/month for shared hosting so the cost of site maintenance will never be an issue.


Because of the adult nature of the site, registration is required to access its content. You must provide a valid email address. Once you agree to the ToS on the registration screen - which are built into the system and don't entirely apply to VoD - an email will be sent to that address containing a link you must follow in order to complete the process. If it doesn't appear in your Inbox shortly after submitting your information, check your email provider's Spam or Junk mail folder.


There are a number of different boards I regularly visit. I've seen all of them repeatedly attacked by spambots.

A spambot is a program designed to collect e-mail addresses from the Internet in order to build mailing lists for sending unsolicited e-mail, also known as spam. Spambots can gather e-mail addresses from websites, newsgroups, special-interest group (SIG) postings, and chat-room conversations. They are the digital equivalent of cockroaches, and equally difficult to exterminate.

Over the years, various forum software developers have come up with different types of automated countermeasures to help admins prevent spambots from accessing the boards they run. Unfortunately, people who create spam bots are exceptionally skilled and have managed to thwart most of those countermeasures. Consequently, a more secure solution was developed to offer admins an extra layer of protection and is used here on VoD: Moderated posts for newly registered users. All admins have to do is set the post count needed for users to freely post after registering.

I want to maintain a friendly atmosphere here. I also want to keep spambots out. The registration form has an anti-spambot measure built in. As an extra layer of precaution, your first few posts will require moderator approval by me. Once I've ensured you're human, you'll be allowed free access to the site.

Please Note: Promotion to standard access is not instantaneous. The system runs an hourly event that automatically promotes users who've met the required number of approved posts.


If you have any questions you'd like answered before registering, you can e-mail me via the Contact Us link on the bottom-right of your screen. If viewing and sharing original art sounds appealing, then I invite you to join us, hope you enjoy your stay, and thank you for visiting!