Artist Primer

Whether you're a new artist or seasoned expert, the information below will help you get the most out of VoD.

First, I would like to extend an especially warm welcome to you. This is a small place where we try and foster a sense of community. We have a deep interest in, and passion for 2D and 3D art. We also believe art should be explored with as few restrictions as possible. However, there are rules, and you are asked to kindly respect them.

Our goal is to promote a sense of camaraderie while encouraging constructive criticism. To that end, you should expect - and accept - that not every comment you receive will be filled with blanket praise. For discussion of artwork to be meaningful, it has to concentrate on areas that can be improved.

Where you post first is up to you. There are two galleries:

Promenade - VoD's main gallery. Anything that does not contain violence, bestiality, or other extreme subject matter goes here, even if it's something as rudimentary as a cube with a brick texture. If you're a new artist, don't be afraid to share your work while learning your craft, regardless of your artistic or technical skill. We were all new once, and want to help you learn.

Back Room - Artwork featuring darker themes, including violence, bestiality, and other extreme subject matter that would be considered depraved and perverse elsewhere. Viewer discretion is advised. You may post whatever you like, but please consider the sensibilities of viewers.

Thanks to my hosting service, we have unlimited storage and bandwidth. Nevertheless, I've configured a 2 MB file size limit for image attachments.

Up to 10 images can be attached to a message. If you have your own image hosting site, you're welcome to link to it.


  1. On the list of forums, choose which Gallery your art is best suited for. Please note, only finished art may be posted in either Gallery. Works in Progress have their own forum.
  2. Click the orange button in the upper-right corner labeled 'Post New Thread' or simply enter a new thread title in the blank space above existing threads.
  3. At the bottom of the message editor, you'll find a button labeled 'Attach Files'. Click that and select the image(s) from your computer.
  4. After the image is uploaded, you'll have two options: 'Thumbnail' and 'Full Image'. Pick which one you want to display by default. If you choose 'Thumbnail', viewers will simply have to click the thumbnail to see the full image. If you choose 'Full Image', viewers will see the full image by default.
  5. When you're done uploading and ready post any applicable text, click 'Preview...' to see how your thread will look, or 'Post Thread' to post it. That's all there is to it.


I understand the drive to create. I also understand that not everyone has the resources or an interest in expressing themselves visually. If you're better skilled at writing than rendering, I want you to feel welcome and comfortable sharing your work here. To that end, we have a Short Fiction forum for writers that you're invited to use.

Please note, the Short Fiction forum is for text only stories. If even one image is created to illustrate a story, it's automatically a Gallery post.